Vita Life Health Bar
…it’s not about just “getting by”
…it’s about getting healthy!

Infusions Booster Shots

Recover from fitness training
and aid your body to reach its potential!

Infusions Booster Shots

Revitalize your body;
relieve headaches and stress!

Infusions Booster Shots

Prolong the benefits of your trip
and leave behind the stress or JET LAG!

Infusions Booster Shots

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Our Infusions

  • The Healer

    This cocktail is an infusion of powerful Vitamin C, glycine, Zinc and several other vitamins and minerals. It's great to help in the healing before or after surgery or sports injuries.

  • Hangover No More

    With vitamins B, C, amino acids, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, and minerals, this cocktail will revitalize your body; relieve headaches and stress; rehydrate your body.

  • Thin Away

    A cocktail to aid in healthy weight loss. Containing vitamins, minerals, 3 fat burners, and L-Carnitine, this infusion will help you develop lean muscle and use stored fat.

  • Stamina

    B Complex vitamins, B5, B6, plus B12 combine to give you the energy you need to get through your day. Great for those suffering from adrenal fatigue and lack of energy.

  • Myers' Cocktail

    An infusion with B-Complex & C vitamins, Calcium, and Magnesium. This infusion aids in decreasing stress, muscle spasms, tension headaches, migraines, and allergies.

  • Detox

    This is the ideal cocktail to get you started! It cleans and prepares you to receive all the other infusions!

  • Travel Strong

    A cocktail suitable for travelers. Assists in prolonging the benefits of the trip and leaving behind the stress or JET LAG you may have experienced. It is a must for crew members!

  • Iron Man

    This infusion is a power-packed cocktail of vitamins and minerals that help you recover from fitness training and aid your body to reach its potential when working out.

  • Get Immune

    Allergies, change of seasons, visiting not so clean places…Get Immune is just for you!

  • Age Me Not

    Aids in protecting your skin against free radicals; brightens and clears your complexion; reduces pores; aids reduction and prevention of age spots & hyperpigmentation.

We Put the “Well” in Wellness

Getting healthy isn’t just about one thing or another…it’s a complete lifestyle change.

At Vita Life Health Bar we are a complete wellness center focused on your holistic health from heavy metal detoxification treatments to vitamin infusions and oxygen therapy that will rejuvenate your body and mind so that you can live life at your peak performance.

Our weight management program is a comprehensive strategy that includes regularly scheduled infusions, diet and exercise modifications, along with a home supplement program to truly help you shed those extra pounds without yo-yo diets.

Team up with us at Vita Life Health Bar and get serious about getting healthy because getting healthy feels good…isn’t it time you began to feel good?

Vita Life Health Bar…it’s not  about just “getting by”…it’s about just getting healthy!

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